Caloosahatchee silhouette

Pictures of/from the USS Caloosahatchee (AO-98)

Pictures of USS Caloosahatchee (AO-98).

Caloos returning pierside Norfolk (sometime in '88)  Dial-up version.  Broadband version.

Pictures from Med Cruise '88.

Sisters at Sea - Caloosahatchee-Canisteo-Ashtabula .

Jumboizing an oiler ('67 & '68).

Flight Quarters onboard USS Caloosahatchee (AO-98).

Other evolutions USS Caloosahatchee and crew ('88-'89).

Pictures from '76/'77.

Pictures from Pre-AOJ (Contributed by Richard Frank).

Pictures contributed by John Treacy (1980-1984).

Pictures from Commissioning 10/10/1945. (Contributed by Joseph Biros). Dial-up version. Broadband version.

Pictures from the early years. (Contributed by Joseph Biros). Dial-up version. Broadband version.

Pictures contributed by Bob Dussault. (Served aboard Caloos '85-decom) Dial-up version. Broadband version.

Pictures contributed by Tom Summers. (Aboard Caloos 11/69 - 8/71)

Pictures contributed by Dearl Layton. (Aboard Caloos 1985 - 1988)

Pictures contributed by Robert H. Bauer. (Aboard date not provided)

Pictures contributed by Bob Thomas. (Aboard Caloos 1958 - 1962)

Pictures contributed by Joseph Bonelli. (Aboard Caloos 1977 - 1981) Dial-up version. Broadband version.

Pictures contributed by Gerald (Pete) Reiser, ET1.   (Onboard 1953 to 1954)

Pictures contributed by Charles Vazquez. (Aboard Caloos Feb. 1971 to Aug. 1975) Dial-up version. Broadband version.

About the picture layout:

Pictures as internet files can be very time consuming to open or download. Depending on the original source file they can be very large. When building this website, I have changed how I handle pictures. Since dial-up internet connections are still by far the most common way of accessing the internet, I began by modifing all pictures to make them a medium size compromise. Large enough to enjoy viewing and small enough to open or download in a reasonable amount of time on a dial up modem. Most of the pictures that have been submitted to me are of a smaller size and this fits in well with this format. However, many pictures that I am receiving are larger in size than what I have been using. I resize every larger picture and make them all about the same size for the website use.

Lately, where ever possible, I have been using both the original full size version along side the smaller, resized version. On pages that have mostly smaller originals and one or two larger originals, I put the two versions next to each other with the file size indicated below the pictures. On pages that have many large size originals, I made two versions of the same page. The dial up version is made with the smaller pictures, and the broadband version is made with the larger pictures. There aren't any limitiations, you can access either version with either type of connection, this is only a guideline to help indicate the relative size of the images used.

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